AYR Storm's Under-16 men finished their SLBA League season with a trip to Trinity High, Renfrew to face Renfrew Rocks who were above them in the league.

After four games in a row with an injury-hit squad, coach Danny Gibbons was pleased to see all the regular starters available for the first time since early February.

The first period showed how much the lack of depth in recent games had hurt the team's style of play as they were able to open with a high-tempo offence and in defence press the home side early.

The two sides though were trading baskets and unable to get more than two points ahead of each other.

With the scores at 15-15 - most pleasing for Ayr was the 7 baskets scored had come from seven different players, making it hard for the Renfrew coach to decide who to focus his best defenders on. Period one closed with the teams tied at 20-20.

Coach Gibbons decided to switch to a full court press at the start of the second period and this had an instant impact, with the Rocks struggling to get the ball up court and both Matthew Keegan and Paul Gibbons making a number of steals and then executing the lay-up successfully.

David Mexson also got more space and was able to help boost the lead. The game quickly turned and Ayr built up a double-digit lead, taking the period 17-7 and led 37-27 at half-time.

Renfrew came out strong in the third period looking to defend their home court record and found the route to the basket too easily.

Slowly they chipped away at the Ayr lead - most worryingly for coach Gibbons was his side were not composing themselves and making any baskets. Renfrew opened with a 12-0 streak and turned the half-time deficit into a two-point lead - and Ayr were forced to take a time-out.

The players were reminded how well they played period two and told to go back out and show the watching support they had the desire to get back in the game. It worked as Ayr went on their own mini-run, scoring the next six points without reply from Rocks.

A pair of threes from Paul Gibbons in the final minute put Ayr in the lead again. The damage was done though at the opening of the third period and Renfrew won it 24-16 to make it a two-point game going into the final quarter.

Ben Wheeler got the opening basket of period four - which meant all the Ayr squad were now on the scoresheet.

The nine boys were playing some of their best defence of the year and limited Renfrew to long range chances and interceptions, while at the other end Kennedy and Wigton helped control the pace of the game to one that suited Ayr. A final period of 17-10 ensured a great way to finish the season. Full-time score: Renfrew Rocks 62 Ayr Storm 71.

Coach Gibbons said afterwards: "I had faith in the boys at all times, which is why when we went from 10 up to two-down without scoring, no changes were made - other than a time out to remind them how well they had been playing. To see them go back on court and take control of the game again was great and reflected the spirit they have shown all year."

Ayr team: P Gibbons (24pts); J Kennedy (5), B Wheeler (2), H Kerr (2), M Morrison (12), G Lorimer (4), D Mexson (10), B Wigton (4), M Keegan (8).