THE A77 Action Group have launched their online petition for a duel carriageway, from Ayr's Whitlett's Roundabout south to the two ferry ports in Cairnryan.

They have until June 19 to gather as many signatures as possible before submitting their campaign to the Scottish Government. Petitioner, Donald McHarrie, set up the application on behalf of the group who want to include the point at which the A77 connects with the A75 in the plans. 

The petition states: "The A77 is the main arterial route from the central belt to the south west of Scotland. On the way it also provides connections to a number of towns and villages. 

"It also provides the road connection between our capital city Edinburgh via Glasgow to Northern Ireland’s capital city Belfast and the Republic of Ireland’s capital city Dublin beyond that. 

"So from an economic perspective, as well as a cultural view point, the A77 is a strategic road, nationally and internationally.

The line of the road often reflects its design history harking back centuries to the days of coach and horses. 

"From Edinburgh to the notorious Whitlett’s roundabout at Ayr the journey is relatively straight forward on motorway or dual carriageway. 

"From this point south the road not only narrows to a single carriageway, it also passes through eight communities all with urban speed limits ranging from 40mph to 20mph.

" It has very few dedicated safe passing places to overtake slower moving vehicle types that use this road. We as a country need to build on the investments already implemented in the area, such as the £77 million, spent on the A77 & A75 from 2008 (the A77 improvements being the Symington and Bogend Toll improvements relating to safety improvements and on sections of dual carriageway north of Ayr). 

"The design work and planning of Maybole’s bypass that is scheduled to commence August 2018 is also included in this figure.

"South West Scotland needs a fit for purpose road infrastructure in order to sustain and grow with the greater community of Scotland, the United Kingdom and within whatever relationship it has with Europe.

"The A77 Action Group is not alone in holding these opinions, as many people use the A77 every single day for work, or for social and domestic purposes, and have supported this campaign."

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