A MAN who was found staggering on private land was suspected of stealing from the property.

John Graham, of Bonnyton Avenue in Drongan, who was thought to be under the influence of drugs, was seen in the curtilage of James Campbell Road, Ayr on November 2, 2016, where it was thought he had the intentions of committing theft.

The 43-year-old appeared before Sheriff Montgomery at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Procurator Fiscal, Mr Toal, said: “At 1:10pm on the Wednesday afternoon, the accused was walking through the gardens, near to the rear gardens of the said property.

“Police officers were contacted and he seemed to be under some sort of substance.

Speaking on her behalf, defence solicitor Mr Adam, said: “This happened in broad daylight and my client has taken Diazepam and/or Valium and that was his last memory until waking up in hospital.

“To commit theft made him confused.

“He has not been trouble for a long time and he is single and unemployed, getting £220 per fortnight on benefits.”

Sheriff Montgomery ordered Graham a fine of £150 to be paid £10 per fortnight.