TROON dogs are being given an opportunity to get their teeth into politics - and in particular two very famous world leaders.

Dog accessories shop the Pooch Pantry have chew toys in the images of American President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin and both are selling like hot cakes.

Co-owner John McLean was convinced they would fly off the shelves after spotting them in a trade magazine.

He said: "We have toys "Rootin' Tootin Putin Make Russia Great Again" and "Donald Trump "I'm Huge You're Stupid. " We have them in small and large sizes and the small Donald Trumps have sold out. It's fair to say Donald has attracted most attention.

"Dogs will enjoy getting their teeth into politics and the owners will enjoy seeing their dogs getting their teeth into one or other of these two. It could could put some pressure on Donald Trump if he knows he doesn't have the support of the canine community!"