By Stewart McConnell

A COMMUNITY leader has voiced renewed fears that groups could be frozen out of a local hub through takeover plans.

Dundonald Gymnastics Club have submitted proposals for a community asset transfer, which would allow them to start running Muirhead Activity Centre which are under consideration.

Muirhead Tenants and Residents Association chairwoman Frances Carson said at a meeting of Troon Community Council: "In Muirhead that wee building with a few rooms is it for us, there's nowhere else for the people to go, it's not a violin story, it's a fact. If they take that and do what they want with it, we are all snookered."

Councillor Philip Saxton said: "We will consult with members of the groups who use the activity centre and members of the public will be consulted. There will be a public meeting."

Added Councillor Bob Pollock: "Gymnastics Scotland will be consulted and the Sports Hub as the Gymnastics Club are a member of that. It's a six-month consultation period because there's a lot of people we need to speak to, it's not going to happen overnight."