By Stewart McConnell

THE Curious Sheep was the name of this year's nativity presented by St Patrick's Primary School pupils in Troon Concert Hall.

This was the story of a sheep who didn't want to go to sleep as they were afraid of missing something and ended up seeing the star and finding the baby Jesus.

P1 to P4 pupils presented this story.

The P5 to P7 recruits each sang a Christmas song, while the brass ensemble and wind band also performed a variety of festive tunes, led by Mrs McGarva, the music teacher.

More than 300 parents and friends came along on the night with residents from St Meddan's Court sheltered housing complex came along and councillors attended.

Headteacher Lynsey May said: "It was a lovely evening, you could feel the Christmas spirit come alive."

Buckets were left out for donations at the end of the concert and donations will go towards the Wayside Club for the homeless in Glasgow and Ayr and Troon-based local homeless charity Seascape.

They also supported the South Ayrshire Foodbank through the Reverse Advent Calendar which means instead of you getting something every day you give something. They took a car boot-full of items including tins to the charity.