Whether it’s seeing people do the floss dance, listening to kids compare gliders, people talking about their favourite YouTubers to watch on their phones or a purple llama pinata suddenly becoming a must have toy, Fortnite (for most of us) is everywhere we look.

Fortnite is the most popular video game of the year and has taken over not just everyone’s console, but Christmas lists up and down the country too.

If you have family members, big or small, who are mad for Fortnite but find yourself utterly clueless as to what it’s all about or what to get someone who loves it for Christmas, we can help out with this guide to everything Fortnite; from the game itself to presents you should buy this year.

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So what is Fortnite?

It’s a video game that is played online. Because it is free to download on a game console, anyone can play online with other players from around the world.

If Fortnite is free, why does it cost money in shops?

The main game is free for anyone to get, but how the people who made the game make money is by creating add-ons and bonus features for players that they have to buy, which is why you might have someone at home asking for V Bucks.

The version of Fortnite you see in shops will have these V Bucks and extra accessories for the game included in the price.

What are V Bucks?

V Bucks are the made up currency that helps you do better in the game. Players can earn them by completing certain missions, but this will only earn you a few. It’s easier to just buy things you need for your character, and that’s why they’re the thing to have when you’re playing.

You can help your favourite player get their hands on skins, accessories and more with gift certificates to the Xbox and PlayStation stores from Game that can be exchanged for V Bucks.

Top Fortnite Gifts For Christmas 2018

So what do you get someone who loves Fortnite but already has the game? Here are some of the top gifts for fans that are flying off the shelves:

Fortnite Monopoly

Carrick Herald: Fortnite monopolyFortnite monopoly

Being a video game where it’s last man standing, it makes sense that having a special Monopoly board would make sense. Instead of seeing who can own the most of London, this version gets players to battle each other so they can be the last on the Fortnite battlefield by avoiding storms, getting loot items and claiming locations from the game.

It’s ideal for that person who can never put the controller down because they’re playing it so much.

The best shops we’ve found Fortnite Monopoly on include:

Argos – £21.99
Smyths – £21.99
Very – £21.99
Zavvi – £26.99

Fortnite Action Figures

Carrick Herald:

Taking the action offline, Fortnite figurines are going to be big with kids this Christmas. There’s a whole host of characters in the game (with new characters being added every few months), so you may have to ask ahead who someone’s favourite character is. Characters are called skins in the game as any player can customise their skin to look the way they want.

Some of the more popular characters/skins are Raptor, Carbide, Omega and Drift.

Stores selling the figurines include:

Smyths – You can get a fluffy version of the aforementioned purple Llama toy for £8.99

TheToyShop.com – stating at £10

ASDA – Only available in store

POP! Vinyl Figures

These seriously collectable cartoon versions of all the favourite Fortnite characters are also set to be hot sellers this Christmas. Be on the lookout for limited edition figures that have been specially created for Christmas like the Red-Nosed Raider and Merry Marauder.

Get the jump on upcoming versions by pre-ordering the newest characters now; they won’t necessarily arrive in time for Christmas but dedicated Fortnite fans will love knowing that they are first in line for new merch.

We have found some great deals on POP! Figures at:

Pop In A Box - £9.99 each but currently offering two for £18.99

The Entertainer - £10 each, keychains versions for £5

Smyths - £9.99 each, keychain version for £3.99

Fortnite T-Shirts

Carrick Herald: Fortnite t shirtFortnite t shirt

Launched just a few months ago, the range of Fortnite T-shirts at Primark have been incredibly popular. And with everyone getting them, you might want to go out of your way to get a t-shirt that not everyone else will be wearing.

The best shops we’ve found Fortnite T-Shirts on are:

Amazon – the shopping giant is probably the most convenient for getting kid’s t-shirts

Etsy – very popular store for handmade shirts

Redbubble – known for having unique and one of a kind designs

Matalan – T-shirts from only £7

Fortnite Live

Playing the game isn’t just restricted to the home. With the popularity of eSports, massive events like Fortnite Live are now selling out arenas and stadiums. There’s a tour coming in 2019 that will stop at stadiums across the UK including:

  • GlasgowCeltic Park
  • London – Emirates Stadium
  • Belfast – Windsor Park
  • Newcastle – St. James Park

The event is a chance for Fortnite players to compete against one another in a real life Fortnite Battleground, with the chance to try and win £25,000 by being the best at the same. Be aware though that tickets are only available to those 12 years and older.

Fortnite Video Game

Carrick Herald:

On the off chance someone needs a physical copy of the game, they’ll want one with the best add-ons and extras that will get them free stuff in the game.

The Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle is the one you’ll see in most shops for Christmas. The RRP is £24.99, but we’ve seen shops drop it to £19.99 in the lead up to Christmas.

If you are buying it, just double check the console you need to buy it for, as you don’t want to make the mistake of buying an Xbox copy when you were supposed to get it for a PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Stores we’ve found with the best deals on the Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle include:

Argos – average price of £19.99

Smyths – down from £24.99 to £19.99

Very – £24.99                 

Game - £24.99

Make Christmas shopping cheaper

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**All prices in article were correct as of 4/12/2018