GIRVAN Town Team (GTT) are encouraging more young people to get involved with the community group as they establish links with the local youth trust.

A plan to create sub-groups is being put in place where young people from Girvan Youth Trust can lead projects and have their say at Town Team meetings, whilst liaising with trustees.

Members agreed at the GTT meeting that it would be interesting to hear from young people first hand through their attendance at future meetings. It was also discussed that it would be vital to give the young people recognition and a sense of value in the community.

The sub-groups would take on both projects at the sea front, and other community work.

The Town Team also welcomed two of its newest members recently with new chairman John McGinnis and trustee Rhona Anderson. They join Town Team Co-ordinator Roddy MacDonald; Vice Chair, Mary Morland; Treasurer, Tricia Watts; and the team’s Secretary, Irene Climie.