FRECKFEST, the voluntary group of music enthusiasts from Irvine are bringing the lengthily-monikered Drew McCulloch’s Spirit Of Slim Chance to the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway this coming Saturday.

In a show that goes a long way to recreating the brilliant music of Ronnie Lane and Gallagher & Lyle, Drew and his bandmates will dig deep to bring you long-forgotten and rarely heard classics.

The show has its origins in the 70s when, in 1974, Ronnie Lane and his band Slim Chance (featuring a young Drew) toured the UK in a travelling circus tent, accompanied by fire eaters, clowns and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band’s Viv Stanshall in the role of ringmaster. In a break from the normal touring routine, the idea was to turn up announced and play a show to whoever happened to turn up. The shows have since passed into legend.

One of the key protagonists, Drew McCulloch has kept the spirit of the times alive. Since that famous tour he’s gone on to work with artists as diverse as Cliff Richard, Go West and Gary Numan.

He has more recently revived the music of Slim Chance and the extensive back catalogue of Gallagher & Lyle to create a fantastic live show that carries on from where both acts left off.

Come and find out for yourself when Drew McCulloch’s Spirit Of Slim Chance play the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum on Saturday, November 3. Tickets are available via