A MAN has been sentenced to nine months in prison after being charged with threatening and abusive behaviour.

Marc Alison of Rowan Road, Girvan, spread his own blood down the face of his girlfriend’s mum, a court heard.

Alison had been excessively drinking when his girlfriend went to his aid, but she shortly phoned her mum for assistance.

Alison then became aggressive and smeared his own blood down the face of his girlfriend’s mother followed by aggressive shouting and swearing towards them.

On retreating home, Alison followed where he continued his threatening antics.

Fiscal Ed Sheeran explained to the court that Alison held up alawnmower as if to throw it while outside his partners home.

He then proceeded to pick up a petrol can and douse himself in the liquid followed by urgently searching his pockets.

Police were called, and he was subsequently arrested and taken to hospital for his injuries.

Solicitor Derek Pettigrew said: “He has no explanation for his behaviour and no recollection or any idea how he sustained the injuries he did. He had good sense to plead guilty and made the plea immediately.”

Sheriff Scott Pattison told the court: “I have considered the overall circumstances and bearing in mind your age, but this was unacceptable and only a sentence is appropriate.”

Alison was sentenced to 9 months detention and instructed to pay £500 compensation to the mother of his then girlfriend.