A PLEA|is being made to help open up the historic Crosbie Cemetery Kirkyard.

Former Troon Councillor Nan McFarlane says the celebrated landmark, which dates back to 1240, is currently inaccessible.

The historic church was damaged by a fire and became a ruin when the roof fell off on the night Robert Burns died in 1796.

She said: "I had a meeting with the cemetery manager and others from the Common History Society before I retired last year. The graveyard tells the history of Troon and some pretty eminent people are buried there. We have to raise £6,500 to £7,000 to stabilise some damaged gravestones at the kirkyard, otherwise no one can get into the cemetery. It's the only historic ruin in Troon."

The Community Council last Wednesday agreed to find out where potential funding could be secured for the project and Councillor Bob Pollock said he would seek some advice through South Ayrshire Council.