TALKS about potential improvements to Maybole’s Greenside have been put at risk by vandals.

Maybole Community Council launched talks with South Ayrshire Council about giving the Greenside a boost.

Peter Mason, Vice-chair of the community council, met on Monday with Fiona Ross, Environment Strategy Officer for SAC, to progress talks. But he was taken aback when he saw the vandalism to some recently planted trees.

He asked: “Is it worth our while even spending another second on pricing up on the improvements to the Greenside when this sort of vandalism is taking place?

“I was having a meeting about trying to do some work on the Greenside to improve it by putting in a fast charging point for phones, iPads, etc.

“Also an electric charging point for cars, along with other ideas like improving the seating among other things.

“Costings have already started to be done but this whole idea is now stopped because of vandalism to some trees in the Greenside.

Some trees were broken and another torn in half. This has been reported to the police who are now going to be looking at CCTV footage to see if they can identify who damaged the trees.”

Mr Mason added: “If anyone heard anything or saw anyone do this damage please contact the police or myself and it will be kept confidential.”