A PETITION has been lodged after pupils of Belmont Academy have been ‘refused entry and exit’ through its main doors.

The campaign, which was set up by a pupil of Belmont Academy, is calling for the school to ‘re open the front doors for quicker and safer entry to the school’ after they were closed to address ‘safety concerns’.

In a statement on the petition’s website, change.org, it said: “Recently, Belmont Academy has refused pupils entry and exit through the main doors.

“This is causing problems as students now have to walk around the school, or along the road next to the school, causing pupils to be late, and forcing them to walk next to a dangerous road.

“The lack of a front entrance/exit also leads to bigger crowds at the back doors, causing possible injuries, and claustrophobia.

“As a student at this school, it feels like teachers have not taken into account the problems this causes for students, as they are still able to use the front doors.

“Signing this petition will help our school, by not making students late, and opening the doors to our education.”

A spokesman for South Ayrshire Council, said: “To address safety concerns, young people are now accessing Belmont Academy from the rear entrance of the school.

“Exiting the building is now through any door which does not directly lead into the car park. Access to the school campus for vehicles has not changed.”

The petition can be viewed at www.change.org/p/tracy-stewart-re-open-the-front-doors-for-quicker-and-safer-entry-to-the-school.