AYRSHIRE Green party members have hit out at Eric Trump after he claimed protesters attending his father’s first Presidential visit to Turnberry were ‘paid up’.

The region’s Green MSP Ross Greer, who headed up protests against Donald Trump’s visit in Turnberry blasted the ‘hilarious’ claim and questioned where they should send the invoice.

This was after The Donald’s son Eric Trump claimed protesters at Turnberry were “paid up” and “phoney”.

In response, West of Scotland Green MSP Ross Greer said: “Eric is quite famously not the sharpest tack in an admittedly blunt Trump family box but even for him this is a hilarious claim.

“Across the UK hundreds of thousands of people marched against Donald Trump, a man who brags of sexual assaulting women, splits refugee children from their families, throwing them into cages and who described swastika-waving Neo-Nazis as ‘very fine people’.

“Those of us at Turnberry were proud to join the protests, taking our message directly to the Trumps.

“If Eric thinks we were paid he must know something we don’t and our only question is; where does he suggest we send the bill to?”

Ayrshire Green party organiser Yvonne McLellan simply called the claim ‘fake news’ and ‘pathetic’.

Trump Turnberry were approached for comment on Eric’s claim but did not respond before going to press.

Despite protests many residents welcomed the visit, and enjoyed seeing the Presidential convoy roll through Maybole and Kirkoswald.

Taxi driver Sharron Hunter said: “I think it was an honour. Obviously he is who he is. I’m not political at all but he is the President.

Car dealer Tom Mcdowall said: “He owns the place and he’s spent a lot of money on it. 

“That hotel was dying on its feet before he took it over.”