AN ELDERY woman from Ayr spent four days in hospital after being knocked over by two boisterous dogs at Seafield Golf Course.

Lorna Connelly’s knee cap was broken on one side and shattered on the other, leading to her spending a number of days in hospital and receiving two screws and cement to hold her injury together.

On Sunday, July 8, she was walking her Cocker Spaniel, Zoe, with her husband Harry when they encountered a couple with a black Labrador and a golden Labrador who began to play with Zoe.

The two Labradors started to run back to their owners, but then turned around and “ran at” Mrs Connelly, the couple said.

Mr Connelly explained: “My wife and I were at Seafield Golf Course walking our dog and we were speaking to a couple with a black Labrador and a golden Labrador.

“Their dogs ran after our Cocker Spaniel and as they started to run back to their owners, they turned around and just ran at my wife.

“The couple just grabbed their black Labrador and shouted on the other one.

“My wife is 71-years-old, and she was unable to move – they just walked away. I was absolutely fuming at the time and I still am.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland, commented: “We have not received any reports in relation to this incident but would urge anyone with information to make contact.”