FREE holiday lunches will be extended to Barassie and Cairn Primary Schools this summer.

From 12pm until 2pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week during the summer break volunteers will make sure pupils get the meals they need.

The scheme was piloted last year in North Ayr and Girvan and had a 60 per cent attendance rate. The programme was continued during the October break, Christmas and Easter holidays.

Addressing the Leadership Panel, Claire Monaghan, said: “It has been a year since we embarked on this journey. We want to build it further and expand on it.

“It has been very successful and we plan to work with third sector parties when we operate in Barassie and Cairn Primary Schools.

“It will run three days a week, which means the children will be getting three meals a week which is better than none.”

Council Leader Douglas Campbell said: “It is good to continue this programme as it will benefit many young people who are at risk of poverty and not getting properly fed.

“The necessary resources will be put in place to make sure no child goes hungry.”

Cllr William Grant added: “This is a great project. It would be great to supply food for five days but I accept it is three right now.”

Claire Monaghan responded: “The people who volunteer at these services know the needs of the young people who attend.

“Extra lunches can be sent home even though the activities only run for three days a week.”