LEISURE centre users who park at the Quay Zone are frustrated at number of lorries parking there.

Cllr Alec Clark said he had received concerns from residents and those who use the Quay Zone as a result of the number of lorries in the car park.

Concerns have been growing for some time with four HGVs parked at the Quay Zone at one point. Residents have been demanding action for at least one year but nothing seems to have resolved so far. 

A guide from Transport Scotland states: “As a professional driver, you will build up experience of where you can and cannot park your vehicle. 

“If you are a new driver ask for advice from other drivers, your colleagues, or Transport Manager. Where you park for your rest period will be determined by:

•Your location at the end of your driving period for that day
•If it has the space and is legal to park an HGV
•Where you can get some food
•Where you can find drivers’ facilities

Lorry driver Russell Conn previously told the Carrick Herald: “I have been a lorry driver for a long time. The loading bays were put in Girvan six or seven years ago. 

“But when I get to the loading bay there are cars parked there and on the kerb. I cannot get into the loading bay to make my deliveries. But nobody cares.

“After speaking to the Girvan councillors, I was told there would be wardens on patrol. But I only saw them there for one day. I spoke to a driver, who was illegally parked, but he didn’t care.

“It is not worth my time even asking to these drivers to move as they say there is nowhere else to park. 

“It is inconsiderate and frustrating to watch time and time again.”