WITH increased housing being developed throughout South Ayrshire there is a higher demand for reserved spaces at certain primary schools.

Reserved spaces at Alloway, Struthers, Dalmilling and Forehill Primary will be put in place to ensure children who live in new residential homes within these areas are able to go to a school in their catchment area.

Alloway and Struthers will now have three reserved spaces and Damilling and Forehill Primary will have two, increased from one reserved space.

This was agreed at the most recent Leadership Panel last week at South Ayrshire Council.

Cllr Philip Saxton said: “I do have concerns with regards to Alloway and Struthers. There are new build houses in North East Troon.

“I am interested to know if we build houses if there are children who are going to be refused?”

Douglas Hutchison, Director of Education, said: “There is space being kept for children who live in the catchment area and no [reserved] space will be taken up by those who don’t.

“It stops someone from putting in a placing request and taking a space from a child who lives in the catchment area.”