GIRVAN Inner Wheel raised some £200 for their chosen charity Bridge 2 Air.

The club hosted an International Evening in Girvan South Parish Church Hall.

Bridge 2 Aid aims to help the poorest communities in the developing world by strengthening local healthcare systems.

Specifically, they send UK volunteers to train local healthcare workers in the provision of emergency dental treatment. This enables people to work, attend school and care for families free from the misery of dental pain and disease.

Over 70 percent of the world has no access to a dentist. One trained dentist can serve over 10,000 people and 50 pence provides access to safe emergency dental care for one person.

As well as enjoying a lovely supper provided by members, everyone was well entertained by Maybole Concert Party. 

This group of eight ladies showed great talent with a medley of songs, dancing and humour and helped to make the evening a very enjoyable and successful one. 

Our thanks to Ruth Wallace, our International Committee Chairman, who organised the event.

Mary Ballantine - Club Correspondent