AN application to change a hairdressing salon into a café on Sandgate in Ayr has been advised to carry out a ‘watching brief’.

The development site, currently known as McKenzie Hair Salon, is proposed to create café/restaurant with an extension to the rear.

However, due to the location of the application lying within a historic settlement area of the Royal Burgh of Ayr, established in the 13th century, the West of Scotland Archaeology Service believes that the proposals would “affect” any of the “buried remains” from this time period that potentially lay at the site.

A spokesperson for the West of Scotland Archaeology Service, explained: “While the proposed development is located within the core of the medieval town, previous investigations would suggest that any archaeological material that may survive is likely to be present at a reasonable depth below the present ground surface. 

“Where the degree of archaeological significance or survival is uncertain I would advise the council to consider attaching an archaeological watching brief condition to any consent they may be minded to grant.

“If buried remains are identified there maybe a requirement for further stages of archaeological works in order to properly excavate and record them before or during further development as necessary.”

The application can be viewed at