A WOMAN who stole £200 from her grandad’s bank card to fuel her drug addiction has been tagged.

Lisa McKean of Wood Street, Dailly, stole the 91-year-old’s wallet from his home address in Kirkmichael and used the card to withdraw £200 on January 6.

On January 27, the 31-year-old was found on Crosne Street in a Sheltered Housing unit intending to commit theft.

McKean was granted bail at Ayr Sheriff Court on February, 20 on the condition she did not enter Kirkland Street Maybole but breached her order on the day it was put in place.

When she was arrested she struggled with police officers.
She appeared before Sheriff Carole Cunninghame at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. The court heard how she had been visiting her grandad.

Depute Fiscal Lindsay Bain said: “McKean asked her grandfather for money but he refused at that time. 

“While within the house the accused informed him there was a leak and the hall carpet was wet.

“She helped him to his feet and he started to walk towards the front door with his zimmer frame. McKean ran out of the house and her grandfather noticed his bank card and wallet were missing.

“He believed the accused took his wallet. She withdrew £200 from the bank card in Maybole and was spotted on CCTV. 

“McKean then went to sheltered housing accommodation which is a secure premise and has a warden. At 7.50am the warden attended and noticed that the controlled front door was insecure.

“CCTV was checked from the previous night which revealed the accused walking through the corridors.

“At 6.25pm on February 20 police officers were on patrol in Maybole and saw the accused walking near Kirkland Street. 

“They stopped her and told her she had breached her bail conditions.

“She started struggling with officers in attempt to stop handcuffs from being applied.”

Speaking on her behalf, defence solicitor Tony Currie, said: “There have been significant gaps in her record since 2010. 

“She accepts she had abused an unlawful substance including heroin which contributed to her behaviour.

“She was desperate to keep her addiction going and this landed her in custody. 
She has stopped abusing drugs and is getting the appropriate help.

“My client lives in Dailly and through public transport found that she could not get from Maybole to Dailly and went to her mother’s for help.”
Addressing the dock, Sheriff Cunninghame said: “In relation to your grandfather this is utterly despicable and you rightly hang your head in shame.

“There has been no offending for eight years but you are receiving assistance with your problems.

McKean has been placed on a community payback order and will remain under supervision for 18 months.

She will complete 150 hours unpaid work within six months and pay compensation of £200 to her grandfather.

McKean has also been placed on a restriction of liberty order for six weeks and will remain at her home address from 7pm-7am.