HEADS are bound to be turned thanks to the typically flamboyant showcasing of the new Ayr United kit.

The first shirt sponsorship deal paid in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was unveiled and it has been paid for with profits from BCH appreciation.

After Bodog dropped Ayr United following a seven-year association, CoinGeek.com, a supporter of both the Honest Men and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came in to take over the shirt branding of the club.

CoinGeek.com is the backer behind the deal but the club shirt will be physically branded by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin BCH, the only true blockchain coin, in a true global first.

This year the models are: Amber Sienna, and in a move to show how up with the times we are in the Bitcoin Cash world, male model Dale Archer joins the fray.

Long-time BCH advocate, Bodog founder and owner of CoinGeek.com, Calvin Ayre commented: “It’s time for us to make bold statements around Bitcoin Cash in a more mainstream way. Anybody who understands where Bitcoin came from and what its aims were know that Bitcoin Cash or BCH, as its called, is the real thing. Now it’s time to get that message out beyond the CoinGeeks!”