SNOWDROPS which were planted in Maybole after the Dunblane

Massacre in 1996 will be replanted next to the railway station.

The plants sit in an area, near the A77, which is to be developed into the Maybole Bypass this year and campaigners have won their appeal to have the flowers rehomed.

The snowdrops were planted by Tommy Lucas, a retired school teacher, as part of the Snowdrop Campaign, set up to reform gun laws following the Dunblane Massacre.

In 1996 Thomas Hamilton shot 16 children and one teacher dead before killing himself at Dunblane Primary School. The Snowdrop Campaign was set up afterwards. 

John Campbell, of the A77 Action Group explained how the organisation had been campaigning to have the snowdrops relocated before work on the Bypass began. 

Mr Campbell explained: “South Ayrshire Council have agreed to move the snowdrops which were planted as part of the Snowdrop Campaign by Tommy Lucas.

“Because the Bypass will be built where the snowdrops are growing we are going to replant them in an area next to the railway station. 

“We have agreed to plant them in a garden area next to Maybole Railway Station.

“When we replant them we will invite the politicians to the station for a ceremony.

“We will also have a stall at the Ayr County Show, before then to inform the community of our progress. 

“We have been meeting all the community councils up and down the A77 to inform them of our progress with all aspects of the A77 campaign and the snowdrops.

“The council are going to organise a plaque for the Maybole Snowdrops and a ceremony will take place at a later date. 

“According to Transport Scotland, work on the Bypass will begin in August this year and it is expected to take 18 months to complete.

“We will need to move the snowdrops before that. 

“We are really excited for the next steps and the progress we have made in the last year. 

“The snowdrops will be replanted soon.”

Once they have stopped flowering and it is safe to do so the flowers will be rehomed in the Maybole Garden area within the next month.

They will hold a ceremony and unveil a new plaque in memory of Dunblane.