Members at Bannatyne Health Club in Ayr will soon be able to charge their electric cars in less time than it takes to do a spin class.

Duncan Bannatyne’s health club empire is working with charging company InstaVolt to install rapid DC chargers at its sites across the UK.

Bannatyne Group CEO Justin Musgrove said: “Our health clubs offer members the latest in fitness technology and keep ahead of all the latest trends, while aiming to maintain our environmental credentials. 

“Enabling members to charge their electric vehicles while using the health club is part of this commitment.”

CEO Tim Payne said: “As electric vehicles become more and more popular, it’s a no brainer for businesses to start offering charging points to customers. 

“Both the Government and the private sector are in agreement that we need a reliable public charging network and companies like Bannatyne Group are helping to make that possible by making chargers available for drivers to use on their land.”

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