A NEW film to mark World Autism Awareness Week has received support from a Girvan man who lives with the condition. 

The video, created by the National Autistic Society, aims to help everyone to help understand autism better as part of the public awareness campaign.

Christopher Miller, 28, is autistic and lives in Girvan said the video reflects many of his own personal experiences of travelling on public transport. 

He said: “On one occasion, while taking a journey on the Glasgow subway, I had to cover my ears and eyes due to the loud noise and shaking of the train – I just wanted it to end and to leave the train.

"This was very embarrassing as everyone was looking at me. It made my anxiety even worse.

“I feel isolated from using public transport and worry about using it. Being on-board a train or bus can make me feel trapped, and in turn, it can be an effort to breathe.”

World Autism Awareness Week ran from Monday, March 26 – Monday, April 2.

Fiona McGrevey of the National Autistic Society Scotland, said: “We know that people don’t set out to be judgmental. The problem is that they often don’t see the autism, they just see somebody acting in a way that isn’t familiar to them.

“We can’t make the trains run on time. But we can all make a big difference by finding out more about autism and the small things we can do to make the world more autism friendly. “