PERMISSION to create a residential development on the ground of a listed building has been refused due to the “adverse impact” it would have on its neighbours.

The application site sits on the grounds of Strathdoon House, which is a B listed building and dates back to the 19th century and can be found within a large garden plot on the west side of Racecourse Road.

Planning permission was sought to create a residential development, consisting of 13 homes – seven houses and six flats – and it was proposed to convert the existing Strathdoon House into three houses and five flats.

However, after a site visit and a number of objections from neighbours, the application was rejected by councillors last week.

Nine residents objected to the proposal, including Mrs Maclean of Bentfield Avenue. She explained: “I have no objection to the principle of returning this property to residential use or to its alteration. I consider that the proposed extensions will be an over-development of the site which will have an adverse effect on the character and appearance of the conservation area and the residential amenity of neighbours.

"With 13 proposed units, there will be a significant level of noise and disturbance from the residents, their visitors and their vehicles.

“The proposed ‘lean to’ to provide a kitchen area seems completely unnecessary and would be intrusive when seen from my garden and from within my house. The design is ugly and out of character with the rest of the proposed extensions.”

Cllr Brian McGinley, said: “I think it is a fantastic development to get the building back into use but I am concerned - we do have concerns about the objectors - it does infringe on the garden - it is very close.

"This is something that will bring the listed building back to life but it is imposing on the neighbour.”

Cllr Ian Cavana added: “It is like deja vu as I am going to say the same thing here - I do have concerns, with the heights and so on. 

“I must admit at this moment in time I have issues with what will be looking into the neighbours’ gardens - we have got to consider the surrounding area.”