A BEER garden that would “enhance” Ayr’s town centre has been given the go ahead.

Councillors unanimously welcomed the planning application and granted the permission to change the use of public open space to form a beer garden on land behind the Tam O’Shanter public house, with the potential of holding up to 70 visitors.

One objection had been submitted by a resident living on Mill Wynd - which is situated behind the Tam O’Shanter - on the grounds of noise and disturbance and South Ayrshire Council’s Environmental Health Service has recommended refusal of the application on the grounds that the proposal could result in noise complaints.

However, Development Planning (Access) offered no objection as the beer garden does not interfere with the right of way from the High Street to Mill Wynd, through Tam O’Shanter Close.

Cllr Andy Campbell, said: “I see Environmental Health have recommended refusal but it would be foolish to turn this application away - the town centre badly needs something like this and if there is an issue then that can be dealt with at another time.”

Cllr Ian Cavana, agreed: “I am looking forward for this to happen if it goes ahead - it has been derilict for so many years - I think it will enhance the town centre.”

Cllr Brian Connolly, concluded: “I agreed with everything that has been said - the town centre needs this. I think it will be a plus to the town when it is up and running.”