A FICTIONAL tale about the President of the United States visiting his resort Trump Turnberry has an unconventional storyline.

THE RATS A WHITE HOUSE SATIRE, by Douglas Board, is a short story about Mr Trump and his views, which will be published as a giveaway this month, ahead of the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration and possible visit to the UK.

THE RATS imagines Trump confronted by a female nemesis during a visit to his world famous golf course at Turnberry.

The story draws on the true history that rats over-ran the neighbouring bird sanctuary Ailsa Craig before being exterminated.

Dan Hissocks, Managing Director of Lightning Books, who published THE RATS said: “The ending makes me think of Margaret Atwoods’s suggestion that men’s greatest fear is not violence but being laughed at.”

Douglas joins two perspectives in his satirical take on Trump. 
Douglas Board is a leadership and career coach and a senior visiting fellow at Cass Business School, City University of London. 

He grew up in Hong Kong and worked for the UK Treasury and then as a headhunter.

Douglas has written more than 100 pieces from short stories to articles on current affairs or management, to religious reflections.

THE RATS A WHITE HOUSE SATIRE will be available next week from

Thursday, January 18 as a free/copiable pdf or one hour audio recording at www.the-rats-satire.com and on sale with additional material for 99p plus tax on Kindle.

For more information visit https://douglasboard.com/