SOUTH Ayrshire Council are considering building a housing development and play park on Dalmilling Golf Course.

Proposals and planning applications have still to be submitted following public consultation with residents and golfers.

Dalmilling Municipal Golf Course on the outskirts of Ayr is an 18-hole parkland course and is set between the famous racecourse and the A77. The idea was raised at a full council meeting last week.

Jill Cronin, Head of Enterprise, Development and Leisures, highlighted: “This is just an idea but there will be a proposal. 

“This is an opportunity for members to discuss with locals what they want and provide feedback from public consultation.”

Cllr Ian Davis said: “Local residents feel this golf course is part of their community even though they have no interest in golf.

“Why would they want to see houses built on it. People come from all over the world to use our golf courses.”

Cllr Alec Clark added: “I have concerns. It is imperative that we get this right. It will go out to public consultation but it will come back to this council for members to debate before a decision is made.

“It will be interesting to hear what local people think. I do think there needs to be a lot of thought put into this before a decision is made.”

Cllr Ian Cavana said: “Six years ago I stood by the golfers. I will not back this motion. If something comes up that is feasible I would then consider it.”

It was pointed out that Ayr North does not have a play park of its own and children have to get a bus to Alloway or Doonfoot if they want to play on the swings.

Cllr Douglas Campbell said: “The people who live in Ayr North don’t even have a play park. Only one in four people use this golf course.

“It would be good to develop social housing with a play facility, then children from Newton and St John’s don’t have to get on a bus to Belleisle play park.

“Dalmilling is good for golf but not for the rest of the community. The impact this has on health in Ayr North is drastic as they cannot walk to a park.
“Only 4000 rounds of golf have been played at Dalmilling in the last


Laura Brennan-Whitefield, said: “I believe they need to be given the option. The people of Ayr North and Dalmilling deserve a play park like those who live in Alloway and Doonfoot.

“But we need to see what they want. It is not about what we want.”

Cllr Bob Pollock asked: “Why have we lost Craigie Park?”

Cllr Campbell replied: “We have a park but it is only a small one.”

It was agreed by councillors that public consultation regarding the future of Dalmilling golf course would take place before a decision is made.