RESIDENTS of Girvan came together to mark the 186th anniversary of the death of Special Constable Alexander Ross. 

A memorial was held in his honour on Wednesday, July 12 on the roadside of the A77 where Rev John Gillies, former chaplain of Strathclyde Police, will conduct the service.

Special Constable Ross was an officer in Girvan and was shot and killed in the execution of his duty on July, 12, 1831 by a Maybole man during an Orange Walk which developed into a riot.

The trouble started on April 25 when Reform Movement protestors paraded through the town and were attacked by members of the Orange Movement. 

For the next six months there were continuous running battles between the two factions, even though the Reformers were of no particular religious persuasion, and there were many casualties.

The townspeople had asked the Sheriff at Ayr to ban the march but, in consultation with the Solicitor General, he decided there was nothing in law to stop it. 

A memorial stone can be found on the west side of the A77 about mid-way between the Railway Bridge and the roundabout at the north end of Girvan. 

It originally stood where the roundabout is situated at the former junction of the A77 and the Old Dailly Road. With the re-alignment of the A77 in 1984 the stone was removed to a nearby field and in 1986 it was again moved to its present position.

The service took place on Wednesday at 2.30pm where members of the community paid their respect.