AN ALLIANCE of three parties has been formed to run South Ayrshire Council.

SNP, Labour and Independent councillors have come together to run the council after the Conservatives took 12 of the 28 seats in the latest council election.

The 16 Councillors, nine SNP, five Labour and two Independents, have come together to form a partnership with the agreement based on social justice and priorities to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in their communities.

The potential coalition will be proposed at the first full Council meeting on Thursday, May 18.

In a statement, the partnership said: "In coming together, the new administration will put people right at the heart of our agenda, while working to manage the significant financial challenges facing the Council.

"We will announce our programme for action shortly but the cornerstone will be to ensure that every child can fulfil their potential and that no child attending school will go hungry due to austerity programme of the Conservative Government at Westminster."

It also said that the partnership will make sure more affordable homes will be built , and will work with Housing Associations to bring more investment to South Ayrshire.

Councillor Douglas Campbell, leader of the SNP Group, said: “I’m looking forward to working with colleagues in the Labour Group and the Independent members.

"The priorities that we put to the voters in the Council election were very similar and our discussions about forming and administration progressed very quickly.”

Independent Councillors Alec Clark and Brian Connolly, said: “As Independent Councillors, we look forward to working with our elected SNP and Labour colleagues in administration to serve the citizens of South Ayrshire.

"Our priorities will be to provide good local services, protect our Rural Communities and follow best value for the public pound.”

Councillor Brian McGinley, speaking on behalf of the Labour Group, added: “We view this working arrangement as a unique opportunity to advance the long held Labour values of tackling poverty, promoting equity and bringing about a socially just South Ayrshire by mitigating the effects of austerity on the most disadvantaged."