GIRVAN and South Carrick's newly elected councillors would like to thank voters for selecting them.

Council was formed last week with Labour and Independent candidates creating a coalition.

Councillor Alec Clark, said: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the electorate of Girvan and South Carrick for giving me the opportunity to represent them for another five years.

"I would also like to extend my best wishes to all of the candidates who put themselves forward for election on May 4.

"It is not easy to put yourself warts and all in front of the general public to be questioned and quizzed on all sorts of issues while keeping calm, collected and providing a clear and coherent answer.

"I commend all of the candidates who stood strong and went through this process.

"I was absolutely thrilled to top the poll in South Ayrshire Council Ward 8 Girvan and South Carrick giving me the confidence, assurance and authority of the electorate.

"The assurance that I give is that I will always represent you to the best of my ability with clear Independent Credentials, “ People Before Party”.

"The communities are my party and power base and that gives me a clear mandate in the Council Chamber to speak from the heart and always try to seek the best solution and way forward for the benefit of those whom I proudly represent in the beautiful part of Carrick that we share.

"One last point, I welcome the villages of Turnberry, Maidens and Kirkoswald in to the South Carrick family and extend the hand of friendship to all."

Ian Fitzsimmons said: "I would like to thank everybody that voted for me in the local elections. The result was well above my expectations and I will do my best for all the people in South Ayrshire.

"Thanks must also go all the helpers from Girvan and Ayr who came from Ayr to deliver leaflets and knocked on doors.with out them I would not be where I am today. Once again thanks to everybody."