FOUR communities surrounding the Kilgallioch Windfarm are to benefit from the investment in the area.

Once up an running, it is anticipated locals will be able to apply for grants for community projects.

The issue was discussed at a recent Barrhill community council meeting. Andrew Sinclair, of the public group, has been attending meetings regarding Kilgallioch.

Each of the four villages including Barrhill, can have 10 members, not necessarily community council members, involved in The Community Benefit Company.

A board structure will also be determined. From these members two directors should be elected. In addition a third director -- an ‘expert’ and not necessarily resident in the area, would be appointed. 

Discussions have taken place on means of recruiting interested parties, and it was felt this should be publicised. Foundation Scotland will receive £5,000 plus VAT for setting up the company, to be deducted from the next windfarm benefit payment. 

This totals £1250 plus VAT for each of the 4 communities. Mr Sinclair will continue looking into the application for grants project.