A WOMAN from Ayr was fined for assaulting a police officer.

Gemma Buchanan, of Glebe Crescent, was claimed to have assaulted PC Edgar on Prestwick Road, Ayr, on November 20, 2016, by hitting him and biting his hand while he was carrying out the execution of his duty.

The 26-year-old appeared before Sheriff Leslie at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

The court heard that Buchanan has no recollection of the event that happened last year.

Procurator Fiscal, Mr Toal, said: "When the police approached the accused, she was intoxicated and they noticed that she had a small cut on her nose.

"She did not tell to police why or how she got it.

"She bit the police officer on the hand but he had no injuries from the event."

Speaking on behalf of his client, Mr Maxwell, said: "Ms Buchanan's position was no doubt, the influence of the alcohol that she was drinking and when they were in the police car, she flicked the officers ear.

"When she tried to do it again, the officer moved his hand away and then she slapped the side of his face.

"Ashamed is the only way to describe how my client feels and she has no recollection of what happened because of the alcohol she consumed.

"Ms Buchanan told the police that the cut on her nose was because she had been assaulted herself, before the police approached her."

Sheriff Leslie issued Buchanan with a fine of £150, which is to be paid in instalments of £10 per week.