GIRVAN'S former cinema building, which sits on Dalrymple Street has been deemed structurally unsafe as well as develop into a large pigeon hole.

The future of the building, which sits at 89 Dalrymple Street, has been hanging in the balance for some time with various businesses claiming to be interested in it but later abandoning the idea of taking it on.

Girvan Town Team are keen to find an owner for the cinema, which could still be a spotlight for the town, but there has been now updates since the deal with Craig Ferguson fell through.

 Denise Hogarth of the Town Team said that the Community Empowerment Act, which strives to help empower community bodies through the ownership or control of land and buildings by strengthening their voices in decisions about public services, may be relevant.

 Tanina Stubley was minuted saying that the building would make a nice community theatre. While Karen Clar-McCartney said that the main chimney stack has given way and that back wall had to be been reinforced due to structural weakness. 

Karen added that it was a massive environmental health issue particularly for those living in close proximity to the building.

 Ernie Kenny suggested that the inside of the building could be cleared and a layer of reinforced concrete on the floor and walls of the building. This would allow it to be used as a community space at very low cost. 

The building has been lying vacant since October 2000 causing it to deteriorate and decay. The wooden frames of the windows are allowing water to intrude and there is vegetation growth in places. 

In May 2004 it was reported that the cinema would be included on the Buildings at Risk Register before it was decided it would be converted into Omega Bingo in a bid to save it. 

In November 2009, an external inspection found Vogue Cinema once again empty and boarded up and regarded to be at risk.

June 2010 saw what was then the bingo hall being marked for sale by agents Graham and Sibbald. At that time they were asking for offers in excess of £100,000.

Local planners reported the building was still unsafe in March 2012 and one month later external inspection discovered since Omega Bingo had been lost as the building had become a shelter for pigeons which had been spotted entering and leaving the premises. 

There had also been a problem with water and wind ingress. The front doors were boarded-up.

Inspections since then have found the former Vogue Cinema in the same condition and is still on the Buildings at Risk list.